Association for Rural Advancement
through Voluntary Action and Local Involvement
(Established by the Govt. of Rajasthan to promote voluntary action for socio-economic development of the State)
ARAVALI promotes innovations in development and acts as a interface between the Government and the Voluntary Organizations.
Shri Ashok Gehlot
Hon'ble Chief Minister
Shri Sachin Pilot
Hon'ble Deputy Chief Minister and Minister, Rural Development & Panchayati Raj and Chairman, ARAVALI

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There are compelling complementarities between the Government and Non-Government sector - while NGOs have closer community and organisational basis and an ability to innovate; Government has the reach, scale and infrastructure for programme delivery over a large area. But there are serious doubts, and suspicions on both sides. Also systems of institutionalising the partnership do not exist in departments and government bodies. Effective development action requires diverse approaches, vibrant institutions and flexible structures. It is through partnerships and collaboration that all such approaches and institutions can be brought together and made to work for the benefit of the poor and marginalized communities.

In this context, ARAVALI was initiated as a result of the joint effort of the Government of Rajasthan and a few leading voluntary agencies in 1994 to promote innovations in development and act as an interface between the Government and the voluntary organizations.

ARAVALI began formal operations in 1997. While the broad goals and objectives of ARAVALI were indicated in its Memorandum of Association (MoA); it was left to ARAVALI to chalk out its strategy and activities.


"All round and large scale development requires a combination of capacities and efforts which cannot be provided by any single agency or system. To ensure that the benefits of development reach the poor in particular and the people in general it is necessary the government and NGOs pool their strengths and become partners"


ARAVALI intends to ensure that there are an increased number of effective voluntary organisations working closely with marginalized communities in every district of Rajasthan and that an enabling environment is developed within which the government and these organisations can form effective partnerships.


ARAVALI's approach to its mission is two pronged – first, enhancing human and institutional capacities of voluntary organisations and second, by facilitating build conducive environment for collaboration.

News & Events

Vulnerability mapping of Children in Natural Stone Industry/Sector Rajasthan
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ARAVALI - Cholamandalam Investment and Finance Company Limited (CIFCL) "Trucker Community Livelihoods Strengthening Project" update
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Terms of Reference for supporting the initiatives under the project “Promoting Protective and enabling environment for children and their families through strengthening local partnership in natural stone sector- Rajasthan State” along with Conducting Vulnerability mapping of children in Different Industry / Sector in Jaipur Area. The last date of submission application is 7th October 2017.
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Multi-stakeholder Event on Policy and Practice for better working conditions in Natural Stone Industry
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"ARAVALI Building Dialogue between different stakeholders in Natural Stone Sector in Rajasthan"
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Study on Red Sandstone Quarry Workers of Karauli, a Report Prepared by ARAVALI for ‘Beyond the Resource Curse: Charting a Path to Sustainable Livelihood for Mineral-Dependent Communities’ ARC Discovery Project , The Australian National University
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Study on Limestone Quarry Workers of Kota, a Report Prepared by ARAVALI for ‘Beyond the Resource Curse: Charting a Path to Sustainable Livelihood for Mineral-Dependent Communities’ ARC Discovery Project , The Australian National University
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Local Water Educator to address Eco & WaSH Future, An initiative of ARAVALI supported by DST, New Delhi to “Build grassroot human and institutional capacity for mobilizing communities on Eco-WaSH issues".See the Water Educators in action
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