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"All round and large scale development requires a combination of capacities and efforts which cannot be provided by any single agency or system. To ensure that the benefits of development reach the poor in particular and the people in general it is necessary the government and NGOs pool their strengths and become partners"

Within this context ARAVALI intends to ensure that there are an increased number of effective voluntary organisations working closely with marginalized communities in every district of Rajasthan and that an enabling environment is developed within which the government and these organisations can form effective partnerships.


“Towards A Relationship of Significance”
Synopsis of the Report done by PRADAN/SRIJAN following a study of Collaborative Initiatives between Government and NGOs in Rajasthan
Livelihood Study in Regions
A Vision for SHGs in Rajasthan
Jal Tarang - A Documentary Film on Watershed in Rajasthan.
Required Quotation for Taxi Hiring at Central Office Jaipur and Regional Offices at Ajmer and Kota for one year- last date 15th October, 2013


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