ARAVALI has a unique mix of governance represented by Civil Society Functionaries and Senior State Functionaries.


ARAVALI is registered as a society under the Rajasthan Societies Act, 1958.


There are compelling complementarities between the Government and Non-Government sector - while NGOs have closer community and organisational basis and an ability to innovate; Government has the reach, scale and infrastructure for programme delivery over a large area. But there are serious doubts, and suspicions on both sides. Also systems of institutionalising the partnership do not exist in departments and government bodies. Effective development action requires diverse approaches, vibrant institutions and flexible structures. It is through partnerships and collaboration that all such approaches and institutions can be brought together and made to work for the benefit of the poor and marginalized communities.

Our Vision, Mission & Approach

Our Vision, Mission

Our Vision

"All round and large scale development requires a combination of capacities and efforts which cannot be provided by any single agency or system. To ensure that the benefits of development reach the poor in particular and the people in general it is necessary the government and NGOs pool their strengths and become partners"

Our Mission

ARAVALI intends to ensure that there are an increased number of effective voluntary organisations working closely with marginalized communities in every district of Rajasthan and that an enabling environment is developed within which the government and these organisations can form effective partnerships.


ARAVALI's approach to its mission is two pronged – first, enhancing human and institutional capacities of voluntary organisations and second, by facilitating build conducive environment for collaboration.

ARAVALI Activity Calendar

ARAVALI promotes the principles of credibility, efficiency and accountability


News & Events

News & Events

03 July 2024

Request for proposals for empanelment of Technical Support and Program Management Consulting Agencies. Last date of receipt of proposals in response to RFP is 20th July 2024. Download RFP

Roles ARAVALI Performs

Building Environment for Collaboration
Facilitating Partnerships
Capacity Building of Voluntary Organisations
Promotion of Development
Innovations & Their Up scaling
Standards and Self-Regulation
Policy and Strategic Research

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Useful Links

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Contact Us


First Floor, Ministerial Campus
Indira Gandhi Panchayati Raj & Gramin Vikas Sansthan (IGPRS) Campus
Jawahar Lal Nehru Marg, Jaipur - 302 015




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