Capacity Enhancement

Customised support to NGOs

Capacity enhancement has been a key role that ARAVALI has played through its training programmes, professional support services, information support and handling suport to voluntary organisations.ARAVALI has experimented, evolved and developed activities into cmprehensive programmes for support. These support initiatives help organisations to envision their roles, deepen their, perspectives, develop their human resorces, strengthen their community base, access specialist support, make their operating systems mre robust and evolve into organisatons that can take on the developmet challenges.

At the core of ARAVALI’s Human and Institutional Capacity Enhancement program is the process of a participatory assessment and diagnosis of its support needs of development organisations.

Each identified organisation needs to assess itself on its human and institutional capacity and work out a mechanism to build on the gaps areas. ARAVALI aims to support this process through a facilitated systematic process of self-exploration by the organisation team and its governance structure called Comprehensive Support Action Planning . Building on the understanding of ARAVALI’s long experience in the areas of Human and Institutional Capacity Enhancement, it undertakes a process by which a “tailor made” support package is developed. This leads to the development of a Comprehensive Support Action Plan (COSAP) which is an articulation of organization's capacity building needs, actions required and the timeframe. The COSAP guides the support inputs to the organisation.

Support is usually identified for human resource development, systems and process development, governance issues, sectoral capacities, assisting wider linkages, resource mobilisation, and other topical inputs that may be required by the organisation. This sets up the institutional foundation on which development programmes can be built.

COSAP as a process usually addresses the following 6 elements of capacity building areas in small and medium organisations.

The COSAP is not a static document and neither is the process of support provision. COSAP recognizes that capacities and capacity building needs undergo change and therefore throughout the support process there is a continuous reassessment of the progress and further inputs required.