Enabling Decentralisation & Convergence

Under the Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana, a national flagship programme, ARAVALI got an opportunity to engage in decentralised planning process in eight districts of Rajasthan. An intensive effort were made to evolve the structure, process, and mechanisms for undertaking the Decentralized Planning for Agriculture and Allied Sector across eight districts of the state with the Department of Agriculture. The biggest assumption on this front was that Decentralized Planning, as a function, was something the district functionaries were sensitized or skilled for-it was never the case in practice! The engagement allowed us to develop insights and appreciation about the bottlenecks that constrain the growth of livelihoods in the farm sector across the different regions of the state.

Through this engagement ARAVALI was able to evolve a comprehensive framework for decentralised livelihood framework. ARAVALI's Contribution to Decentralized Planning were on the following:

- Evolved a livelihoods framework for community level planning

- Value Chain based assessment of community livelihood needs

- Community segmentation based on livelihoods activity and resource base

- Derivation of critical capital constraints to livelihoods strengthening for community segments

- Segmental capital strengthening through sectoral interventions

- Manual for Decentralized Planning for Livelihoods for departmental functionaries

- Institutional Livelihoods Entitlements in the form of Panchayat, Block and District Plans for Agriculture & Allied Livelihoods

Based on this experience of ARAVALI, a comprehensive manual on Decentralized Planning Process has been prepared and published by ARAVALI.