ARAVALI Development Feature Services - ADFS

Capacity building of small of grass root level NGOs has been a priority area for ARAVALI. We have observed that many voluntary organisations do not get information on government policy, programmes, government orders, training programmes, information about donor agencies, etc.

Many partner organisations expressed the need of the information support from ARAVALI. We started ‘ARAVALI Development Feature Service – ADFS’ in year 1999. The basic idea behind ADFS is to disseminate/ share the important information/ experiences/ learning, which is relevant for the organisational works of VAs and other stakeholders. Through ADFS, ARAVALI attempts to reduce the transaction cost of information exchange among the VAs, the government, and the donor agencies.

The information circulated in ADFS is

Guidelines of the Government Programmes or changes if any in the Guidelines.

Upcoming projects of the government as well as other donor agencies.

About training programmes – calendars of the organisations conducting the training programmes.
Contact persons, names and addresses of various actors in development Innovations in development

Other useful information in the context of development scenario

ADFS is sent to around 325 organisations, institutes, and individuals, working in the field of development, every month. It has also changed with the time. Now it is more structured and formatted. Now the subscribers are paying a token amount of Rs. 100/- a year. We have also started sending ADFS electronically to those who have e-mail connection.

Information has today, become a survival tool for both small and large organizations. Hence ARAVALI’s information support is available to all credible and willing organizations working in Rajasthan. Through the ARAVALI Development Feature Service (ADFS), ARAVALI attempts to reduce the transaction cost of such information exchange among the NGOs, the Government and the Donor agencies. Useful information, articles, announcements and government resolutions related to the development sector are regularly compiled, updated and is being currently supplied to more than a hundred VAs in the state, under ADFS.

  ADFS Issue 87

  ADFS Issue 88

  ADFS Issue 90

  ADFS Issue 91

Pahal Logon Ki

Pahal Logon Ki...' (Community Initiatives). This is a regular two page publication on community based best practices on Natural Resource Management and Livelihood Enhancement. It does not have a fixed periodicity but so far 44 issues have been published. It is widely circulated among government and Voluntary Agencies (VAs). Given the response, we have decided to include people's initiatives in other sectors as well.

  Pahal Logon Ki Issue 43

  Pahal Logon Ki Issue 44



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